Mitre Scriball Personaliseable Mini Football, Oobil

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Scriball is a vibrant fantasy universe full of species & characters with extraordinary football skills and fun background stories.
Scriball introduces children to the world of football in a fun, exciting, creative & engaging way.

Scriball comes in an easy to wrap box, ideal for any special occasion. It includes a mini-football, covered in characters waiting to be coloured in. It comes with five pens to make it your own and when you’ve finished you can display it on a stand.

Make memories, with Mitre.Collect it, colour it, play it! The perfect gifts for boys and girls on any occasion.
Unique mini football with five colouring pens – make it your own!
Includes ball pump and stand to proudly display the football
But it isn’t just for colouring – get into the garden for a kick about.
Meet Oobil – part of the Ooodle family. Diving saves and powerful punches, no one gets past the might Oodle goalkeepers and their crazy limbs. Complete the team with other collectable characters.