The Poetry Pharmacy: Tried-and-True Prescriptions for the Heart, Mind and Soul

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‘Truly a marvellous assortment … There is balm for the soul, hearth for the stomach, a cooling compress for the fevered forehead, solace for the wounded, an arm round the lonely shoulder – the entire assortment is a matchless compound of hug, tonic and kiss’ Stephen FrySometimes solely a poem will do. These poetic prescriptions and clever phrases of recommendation provide consolation, delight and inspiration for all; an area for reflection, and that treasured realization – I’m not the just one who looks like this.In the years since he first had the thought of prescribing brief, highly effective poems for all method of non secular illnesses, William Sieghart has taken his Poetry Pharmacy round the size and breadth of Britain, into the pages of the Guardian, onto BBC Radio 4 and onto the tv, honing his prescriptions all the time., This pocket-sized e-book presents the most important poems in his dispensary: these which, once more and once more, have actually proven themselves to work. Whether you’re affected by loneliness, lack of braveness, heartbreak, hopelessness, and even from an extra of ego, there’s something right here to ease your ache.’The e-book is pleasant; it rightly resituates poetry in relation to its greatest and most severe activity: serving to us to stay and die nicely’ Alain de Botton